“Wisdom of the ancients, guide my hand.”

Though discovered only a few centuries ago, it is speculated that Anamnesis has existed in the shadows for a long time. Seemingly available only to the longer-lived races (Elves, Fey, and Dwarves), Anamnesis teaches the accessing of an ancestor’s memories, and revolves around the Eidos’ ability to use and harness those memories, and apply them in their life.

A very passive magic, Anamnesis is utterly unconcerned with mortal affairs, and it takes a truly ancient being to even gain its attention. Capricious and dispassionate in behavior, Anamnesis is difficult to predict and even harder to control—it can take upwards of a century of training to reach any kind of competency in its use.

Characters who choose to start training into the Discipline/Anamnesis/ Skill begin with access to the following Tier 3 word:

  • Knowledge – The character may, before making a Test involving the Lore Skill, attempt to tap into the shared memories of Anamnesis, to aid their knowledge. With a successful MAGICAL PRESENCE (Moderate) Test, they may add up to two free, additional successes to the Final Result of their next MENTAL PRESENCE Test that uses the Lore Skill. If they beat (Difficult), they may add four successes; (Very Difficult) gains them six, and (Impossible) gains them eight. If their Final Result is high enough to beat a (Very Difficult) or (Impossible), they are also treated as having the Rank 12 Perk of the Lore Skill (“You are always eligible to make a Lore Test, even in situations where the Storyteller would normally not allow it (such as ancient, lost, or forbidden knowledge)”).

Characters who reach Rank 4 in Discipline/Anamnesis also gain access to the following Tier 3 word:

  • Language – The character may, at any time, attempt to temporarily “learn” a language that they do not actually know. With a MAGICAL PRESENCE (Discipline/Anamnesis/ or Discipline/Anamnesis/Language) Test, they immediately gain half their Final Result of Ranks in the Tier 2 Language of their choice. This effect lasts for one hour, and can only be used again once the effects have worn off (only one language at a time).

Characters who reach Rank 8 in Discipline/Anamnesis also gain access to the following Tier 3 word:

  • Cogitate – The character may, at any time, attempt to seek Anamnesis’ advice on a situation they face. With a successful MAGICAL PRESENCE (Very Difficult) Test, they may ask Anamnesis to suggest a course of action in regards to a problem they are currently facing. Anamnesis is a truthful magic, and while its advice may not always be the best, it will never lead the Eidolon astray.

Characters who reach Rank 12 in Discipline/Anamnesis also gain access to the following Tier 3 word:

  • Channel – The character may, at the expense of one Vengeance Token, attempt to dramatically increase their abilities for a short time by channeling the spirits of those that came before them. With a successful MAGICAL PRESENCE (Impossible) Test, they immediately gain 10 Vengeance Tokens that only they may use, and expire after 10 minutes in-game. These Vengeance Tokens cannot be cashed in for experience, and cannot be used to activate this ability again.

Special Rule: Lost and Damned

At the time of making any Test, a character with 1 or more Ranks in Discipline/Anamnesis may call upon the memories of the ancients to aid them, and add a number of dice (up to a maximum of five) to their pool before rolling. However, channeling memories is difficult, and can confuse a weak mind; whenever an Eidolon achieves more successes on this modified roll (when using Anamnesis) than their total MENTAL ENDURANCE score, they suffer a temporary -1 penalty to their CONTROL Attribute as the magic disorients and distracts them. This penalty lasts for 4 hours, and can be cumulative. If, as a result of using Anamnesis, the character’s CONTROL ever temporarily reaches 0 or lower before it recovers, it will suffer a permanent -1 penalty after fully recovering. This penalty can also be cumulative, though it would take separate instances of the attribute reaching 0 or lower for this to happen more than once.


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