Kingdom of Ashlar

 photo Ashlar_zpsa05cd877.png
SIGIL: A white keep, on a field of blue.

REGIONS: The Iron Hills, Westwater
CITIES: Fort Ircar, Koth, Testudo, Westwater

GOVERNMENT: Authoritarian Monarchy
LEADERSHIP: King Stoneborn
ESTABLISHED: Granted independence from Cinderfell in 140 3A.

ENEMIES: Dren (at war), Faust (at war), Galessa (at war), The Jewel Cities, The Ironforge, Nubia (at war), Redwater (at war) The Southlands (at war)
ALLIES: Cinderfell, Thrane

POPULATION: 17 Million

“Dark will be the day in Vulcanica that forces Ashlar and Galessa to make peace.”
- Duchess Mallie Delaney

“I have never enjoyed dealing with House Stoneborn. They are abrasive, crude, and proud. But a finer group of generals and Kings, I have never met.”
- Emperor Constantine Valentine III

Founded just over 250 years ago when it was granted independence from Cinderfell, Ashlar has stood strong as an unwavering bastion in the west. Before they even gained sovereignty, they’d been at odds with Nubia for some time; losing the Cinderfell’s protection caused Nubia to drop any pretense of peace and open the doors for all-out war.

But Ashlar’s walls are high, and her gates are thick, and Nubia performed poorly in their initial assault of Ashlar’s lands. Since then, the conflict between the two has more closely-resembled a border skirmish: lots of small conflicts, but completely devoid of a dedicated push from either side. Despite this, however, Ashlar has been stuck in a constant state of war since their founding, with battles raging between them and at least one of their numerous enemies at any point in their history.

History struggles to define the beginning of the Ashlar-Galessa conflict, but it is one of the largest and longest-lasting of its type on Vulcanica. Today, the two nations exist as bitter rivals, and frequently seek to spite one another at every available opportunity. Though they are united in their hatred of Dren (with which both nations are also at war), this has never been sufficient to actually result in a ceasefire or peace between the two.

Though Ashlar’s conflict with the Ironforge ended nearly a full century ago, relations are still sour between the two. Iron Lord Arguk has made tremendous strides in repairing this, however, and has, in recent years, actually become something of a personal friend to King Stoneborn, despite the nation he represents.

Having remained the sole ruling force of Koth since Idari’s departure nearly five-hundred years ago, House Stoneborn takes tremendous pride in its legacy. When tensions began to grow between Nubia and the east, Ashlar was the first to begin fortifying and occupying the pass into Nubian territory—it proved a prudent move, and they have kept the Nubians at bay since. However, Ashlar shares a border with Angrad, Dren, Faust, the Jewel Cities, the Ironforge, Nubia, and the Southlands, and King Stoneborn’s increasing arrogance and ambition is beginning to garner a lot of negative attention.


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