Cinder (Phoenix Magic)


Characters who choose to start training into the Discipline/Cinder/ Skill begin with access to the following Tier 3 words:

  • Bless – The character may, at the price of one Vengeance Token, bless another character or item, with a successful Discipline/Cinder or Discipline/Cinder/Bless (Moderate) Test. For the next 24 hours, that character may add one free, additional success to their Final Result whenever making any Test (or, in the case of an item, whenever it is used to make a Test).
  • Heal – The character may attempt to magically heal any character (including themselves) with a Discipline/Cinder/ or Discipline/Cinder/Heal Test. The difficulty of the test is equal to 3x the Severity of the Wound (so a Level 4 wound would require 12 successes). If a wound is beyond the healer’s skill, they may instead attempt a Discipline/Cinder/ or Discipline/Cinder/Heal (Difficult) Test to reduce the Wound’s Severity by 2 Levels. At that point, however, the wound will no longer be receptive to magical healing, and will require medical attention.
  • Purify – The character may attempt to cleanse an object, location, or character of its impurities with a successful Discipline/Cinder or Discipline/Cinder/Purify (

Characters who reach Rank 8 in Discipline/Cinder also gain access to the following Tier 3 word:

  • Protection – Any time the character Throws WHITE in Combat, they may make a MAGICAL POWER Test using Discipline/Cinder/ or Discipline/Cinder/Protection to defend, instead of using another option. They may also choose to use this ability to Throw WHITE for another character, if they wish.

Characters who reach Rank 12 in Discipline/Cinder now need to get a number of successes equal to only 2x a Wound’s Severity in order to heal it.

Special Rule:


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