Gained through adventuring in the world of Vulcanica, Experience is how a character grows and develops over the course of their life, and they can use it to hone and perfect their skills and abilities.

Experience is traditionally gained at the rate of 1 point per scene—with additional points being awarded for particularly important or dramatic scenes—but they can also be “purchased” with Vengeance Tokens—described in detail on the Vengeance Tokens page.

Experience can be spent in a number of different ways, which are shown in detail on the table below (because of the sidebar on the left of this page, you have to scroll all the way to the bottom to see the table).

Expenditure Cost
Start a new Skill at (any Tier) 1
Increase a Tier 1 Skill by 1 2 x current Rank
Increase a Tier 2 Skill by 1 2 + current Rank
Increase a Tier 3 Skill by 2 2 + current Rank
Increase an Attribute by 1 3 + current Score

For example, Ruin the Cambion has 12 experience, and wants to use some of it to increase his Combat/Blades Skill. Since it is a Tier 2 Skill, the base cost is 2 experience, plus his current Rank. If his current Rank is 3 and he wants to increase it to 4, it would cost him 5 experience to do so. He still has some experience left over, so he decides to also increase his Armor/Medium/Scale Skill, which is currently at 2. Because that is a Tier 3 Skill, this one will also cost him 4 experience, but he gets to go straight to rank 6! He then decides that now is a good time to start putting to use all that time he’s been reading up on cooking, and spends 1 experience to start the Craft/Manufacturing/Cooking Skill, at Rank 2. He isn’t sure what he wants to do with the last experience point, and elects to hang on to it for later.


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