History of Vulcanica

This page describes, in brief detail, the history of Vulcanica throughout the ages. Keep in mind that, especially in the First and Second Age, history is written by the victors, and what is recorded here does not necessarily represent the truth…

Prehistory – “The Exodus of Norsca”

The Beginning – “Arkhosia”

~820: A group of rebellious mortals known as “The Defiant” set off a chain of events that begins with the discovery of an ancient secret (now lost to time), and ends with the Cambions of Turath successfully kicking out their Dragon overlords. So begins the Third and Final Dragon War, and so ends the Beginning.

The First Age – “The Age of War”

~1000: A young Aloniel is forced to watch as his family is killed by Turathi raiders. The event awakens something inside him, and an impossibly strong force of Dragon Magic is awakened inside him. He kills the entire raiding party, and, terrified of his new gift, flees into the forest.
~1050: Aloniel, having learned to control his magic, returns to the world of men under the assumed name of “Anton Zumeli.” He begins a new life in a small, peaceful town north of Bael known as Lightwater. He pretends to be a young scholar, looking to settle down and grow roots after years of chaotic life in the cities. He is welcomed into the town, and quickly becomes a part of the community.
~1100: The Fall Furious at her people for a millennium of war, and desperate to punish them for their hubris, Vulcanica rips the sun from her skies and casts a great shadow across the land—an event that comes to be known all throughout history as “The Fall.” So ends the First Age.

The Second Age – “The Age of Solis Umbra”

1: Solis UmbraLightwater and nearly two-thirds of her population are annihilated in The Fall. Zumeli, blinded by rage, abandons the survivors and heads east—desperate to learn more about his magic.
12: The First Crusade of Light
~110: Having returned from his travels, Zumeli founds Ircar on the northern edge of the Iron Hills, and declares the city a sanctuary to all seeking refuge from Solis Umbra. Those who travel to Ircar are shocked by its lack of any kind of city watch or defensive force, but Zumeli assures such critics that they are unnecessary.
~350: The Second Crusade of Light The Shadow WarA group of mercenaries and adventurers now remembered as “The Martyrs” embark on a second Crusade of Light, and succeed. Solis Umbra returns to its former self as the Old Sun, and Vulcanica begins the process of healing. So ends the Second Age.

The Third Age – “The Age of Cinderfell”

1: One of the Martyrs, a powerful sorceress known as Lady Phoenix, meets with the surviving leaders of Vulcanica, and announces her intention to unite the splintered nations under one flag, and usher in a new era of peace. She names this new empire Cinderfell.
2: Furious at the monster he’d become, Zumeli forces the people of Ircar out, and burns the city to the ground. He disappears into the desert.
3: A Martyr known as Dunbir Ironbeard takes up residence in the destroyed city of Tuari, and immediately joins the restoration process. He is quickly singled out for his leadership and strength, and begins to rapidly win the hearts and minds of the city.
12: Recognizing she is unfit for rule, Lady Phoenix anoints a new emperor: a man by the name of Valentine. The transition is rocky at first, but the emperor Valentine is quickly accepted by the people of Vulcanica.
15: Following several attempts on the emperor’s life, the Emberguard—an elite extension of the Cinderfell military, dedicated solely to protecting the emperor—is established.
93: The Crimson Coup Following a coup by his Emberguard, the emperor Arsenio is forced into exile, and eventually killed.
94: The Battle of Thrones The Hell FireRealizing the coup was merely a cover-up for a much larger scheme, a rogue cell of the Emberguard known as the “Dawn Patrol” accidentally sets in motion a series of events that leads to a Demon known as Baphomet briefly gaining control of Vulcanica—before being defeated and killed by the same Dawn Patrol. Anton Zumeli falls in battle, but is saved by his magic at the last second. He is unable to heal himself, and is assumed dead by the relief forces who bury the fallen. He is unrecognized by those who bury him, and he is put in a shallow, unmarked grave.
108: Hit is founded by an Orc known as Vicorin Blackwood, a former member of the Dawn Patrol.
547: The Return Anton Zumeli, now known as “The Archmage,” rises from his grave, destroying much of Utica and the surrounding area as he does so. So ends the Third Age.

The Fourth Age – “The Age of The Archmage”

1: The nations and factions of The Alliance meet, to discuss the future of Vulcanica, and what will be done about The Archmage, and his Vale Tenebrous.

History of Vulcanica

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