Races of Vulcanica

This page describes, in brief detail, the various races of Vulcanica. In cases where a race is represented multiple times with different sub headings (such as Dragonkin – Vulkan and Dragonkin – Ysir), those are different sub-races within the same overarching race.

Playable Races

Each of the races described in this section are available for play in Vale Tenebrous.

Dragonkin – Vulkan (“vul-KHAN”)

The original Dragonkin of Vulcanica (hence their name), and the first mortals to use Dragon Magic, these people are tremendous in both stature and personality. Creations of the Dragons, the Vulkan Dragonkin were the original slave drivers and enforcers of the ancient Arkhosian empire. The memories of this time, however, have passed, and the Dragonkin have been forgiven for the sins of their ancestors. Though during the early Third Age their presence in Vulcanica was largely limited to Haven and the Reach, they have since expanded to become commonplace in nearly every part of Vulcanica.

Physically the largest mortal race (usually between 8 and 9 feet tall), Vulkan Dragonkin regularly stand a full head over even the tallest of Alfr. Their massive frame is complimented by their strongly Draconic features, including hard scales in place of skin, clawed hands and feet, and long, angular heads—often adorned in a crown of horns. Their scales and eyes range in color from bright gold to jet black, and there is no “normal” color for Vulkan Dragonkin. Vulkan Dragonkin usually live to be about 100 years old.

Dragonkin – Ysir (“YEES-ear”)

New to Vulcanica, the Ysir Dragonkin were discovered to be living on Ys during the middle Third Age. They live with the Dragons there, in their shadow and under their rule. Conflicts with the Slade are a common occurence in Ysir culture, and Ysir are expected by the Dragons to despise and actively oppose their Slade neighbors until the day they die. In Vulcanica, they are only just beginning to gain acceptance—and even then, only in limited places, among limited people.

Ysir Dragonkin are much smaller than their Vulkan brothers—usually between 5 and 5.5 feet tall—only slightly taller than the average Dwarf. Likewise, the Ysir frame is much more compact than that of the Vulkan, and they tend to rely on their agility and coordination much more than their strength and speed. Cosmetically, they have very Draconic features, including hard scales in place of skin, elongated maws, and clawed hands and feet. Their scales are usually charcoal grey in color (but will occasionally take on a blacker or whiter hue), and their eyes are almost always stark white. Ysir Dragonkin usually live to be about 80 years old.


Smaller, stockier brethren to the Völsung Humans and Elves, Dwarves can similarly trace their origins to the lands of Norsca. A gruff and hardy people, Dwarves have been a part of Vulcanican culture since before the Arkhosian Empire, and are culturally accepted and welcomed in nearly all parts of the continent. Frequently loud and boisterous, Dwarves often come off as foolish in mixed company. However, their culture is historically a very honorable one, and to speak an oath in Dawi (the language of the Dwarves) is considered a legally binding contract in many parts of the world.

Dwarves tend to stand at about chest-level to the average Human (usually about 4.5 to 5 feet tall), but often have much broader shoulders and thicker arms than most other races. Their skin ranges from a pale, milky white to a more beige, olive color. Hair among Dwarves is usually thick and curly (or wavy), and is often some variation of red, blonde, or brown, often getting whiter with age. Dwarves usually live to be about 300 years old.

Elf – Alfr (“ALL-fur”)

Brothers of the Völsung and Dwarves, the Alfr initially came from Norsca as refugees seeking sanctuary from the Jottun. They are a noble and proud people, and can often come off as arrogant or dispassionate to those unaccustomed to their ways. In reality, they lead tremendously emotional and sensuous lives, but their culture views those things as personal experiences, to be shared with only the most intimate of companions. Alfr are a large part of Vulcanica’s shared society, and can be found among nearly all cultures and groups.

Alfr are a tall and slight people, usually standing a head or so above the average human (about 6.5 to 7 feet tall). Their taller, leaner forms often belie their muscle mass, and it is not unusual that tremendously strong Alfr is assumed to be thin, gaunt, or even weak. They tend to have sharp, angular features, and their hair is often thin and straight, frequently light brown or blonde in color. Alfr usually live to be about 700 years old.

Elf – Druchii (“DRU-shee-eye”)

Closely related to the Alfr, the Druchii are the result of a family of Alfr breaking off from the larger society thousands of years ago, and centuries of inbreeding. Historically, they have made many unpopular decisions, and are often mistrusted today as a result. However, the Dren family of Druchii has done much in the last few centuries to restore some of that goodwill, giving them something of a “mixed” reputation among the other cultures.

Druchii are very similar in appearance to the Alfr, standing slightly shorter with only slightly rounder features (usually about 6 to 7 feet tall). Their skin, however, has a much darker, cool-grey tint to it, ranging from a deep slate-grey, to more of a blue-grey. Their hair is often light and thin, and tends to have a white or pastel blue tint to it. Druchii usually live to be about 750 years old.

Fey – Aos Sí (“EES-shee”)

Relatively speaking, the Aos Sí are an incredibly recent addition to Vulcanica’s shared society. Until the early part of the Third Age, the Aos Fey lived in seclusion in their ancestral home of Valiraura, where they isolated themselves from the outside world. Little is known about their time spent in Valiraura, but following their joining Cinderfell, they were eager to gain acceptance from the other races. Characterized by their unflagging curiosity and humorous optimism, Aos Fey are often seen as wildly eccentric and detached by most others, even those used to interacting with them. Though some places (particularly Nubia and the Southlands) still view them with a high degree of suspicion and fear, Aos Fey are welcomed in nearly all nations and regions of Vulcanica today.

Standing at about eye-level to the average Völsung, they Aos Fey are usually between 5 and 6 feet in height. Though they are similar in shape to the Völsung and Alfr, they tend to manifest physical features that would be jarring to one not used to associating with them, including: antler-like protrusions from the cranium, pitch-black or stark-white eyes, and cleft feet. However, such manifestations are seemingly random among the Aos Fey, and do not appear to follow any predictable pattern (such as being passed from parent to child). Aos Fey usually live to be about 200 years old, but have been known to live as long as 500.

Human – Cambion

A deeply tragic race, the Cambion Humans are a lost and broken people. Still struggling to recover from the devastation of Spell Plague, much of the Cambion culture and shared experience has been lost to time. Today they exist as best they can, scattered all across Vulcanica, often seeking love and companionship from the other races over that of their kin. Though they are accepted and tolerated in nearly all ends of the world, they bear their scars with pride, and have a hard time finding the welcome they seek.

Nearly identical to the Völsung in shape and size, Cambions usually stand somewhere between 5.5 and 6 feet tall. Unlike other Humans, however, their demonic heritage often manifests in the form of cranial horns, crimson- or pitch-colored skin, and, occasionally, long tails. Their teeth are often naturally pointed, though sharpening one’s teeth to a point is a strong tradition among Cambions with rounder teeth. Cambion Humans usually live to be about 80 years old.

Human – Gifted

Human – Völsung



Non-Playable Races

Each of the races described in this section are not available for play in Vale Tenebrous.

Fey – Bean Sí (“BAN-shee”)

Immortal – Demon

Immortal – Dragon

Immortal – Jöttun


Races of Vulcanica

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