“I do not control it, I do not drive it; I merely show it the way.”

An ancient and immensely powerful form of magic, Shamanism teaches its users of the five totems or “souls” of Vulcanica (Earth, Plant, Animal, Weather, Sea), and revolves around the Shaman being able to find balance and inter-connectivity between them.

Nature seeks to grow and populate, and Shamanism is the magical arm of nature—likewise, it seeks to spread and grow as far and as fast as it can. As an incredibly aggressive magic, it attempts to influence the minds of those who use it. Truly powerful shamans are, accordingly, often Luddites to the highest degree, and oppose technological and industrial expansion in all its forms.

Characters who choose to start training into the Discipline/Shamanism/ Skill must choose one of the five Souls of Shamanism as their Starting Soul. They can only use the magic associated with their chosen Soul, and must follow the philosophy of that Soul in order to remain in contact with it. The Souls and their abilities and philosophies are described below.

  • Earth – The manipulation of dirt, stone, minerals, lava, and—in extreme cases—the earth itself.
    • Philosophy – You will endure. The world will change and grow around you, but you will remain. Do not involve yourself in the lives and trials of others, for they will ultimately expire and fade into history.
  • Plant – The manipulation and alteration of vegetation in all its forms.
    • Philosophy – You are life. You are organic, and always in flux. Grow your roots and your branches, spread your influence to all corners of the world, and never lose sight of the sun.
  • Animal – The communication and forming of bonds with animals and beasts.
    • Philosophy – You must watch over the pack. Protect and feed those unable to do so for themselves. Run when you can, fight when you must. Never stop surviving.
  • Weather – The calling and manipulation of storms, winds, temperature, and precipitation.
    • Philosophy – You bow to no man. Men have broken beasts, traveled the seas, culled the wilds, and climbed the peaks—but still they live at the mercy of the weather. You are merciless and merciful at your own whim, and you answer to none but yourself.
  • Sea – The manipulation and alteration of water, in all its natural forms.
    • Philosophy – You are infinite. You are a part of all things, and even the most disastrous of upsets cannot hope to stop or slow you. Your tsunamis and your flooded banks; your droughts and deserts; all are as majestic and glorious as they are completely unstoppable.

Characters who reach Rank 8 in Discipline/Shamanism may acquire their 2nd and 3rd Soul.

Characters who reach Rank 12 in Discipline/Shamanism may acquire their 4th and 5th Soul.

Special Rule: Wrath

At the time of making any MAGICAL Test with Shamanism, a character may add a number of dice to their dice pool before rolling (no maximum). However, for each die added in this way, the character must get two successes on a MAGICAL ENDURANCE Test made immediately after the results of the initial check are determined. If they fail to equal or exceed the number with their Test, they take a Wound equal in Severity to the number of successes by which they failed (3 successes with 4 needed would result in a level 1 wound).


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