Vengeance Tokens

The party in Vale Tenebrous are extraordinary people, capable of extraordinary feats of strength, stamina, wit, and willpower. This is represented through their reserve of Vengeance Tokens, which allow them five special abilities:

  • One party member may spend one or more Vengeance Token to immediately add 1 Success per Token spent to their Final Result while making a Test. This Success is considered to have been dice that were part of the Dice Pool, and showed a 6 after being a rolled—for the purposes of determining a Critical Success and how many additional dice to roll.
  • The party may spend one or more Vengeance Token to increase their team’s advantage in Battle by 2 per Token spent.
  • The party may spend one Vengeance Token to force the ST to re-roll any one Dice Pool that he has just rolled The ST then uses the new result.
  • The party may “cash in” ten Vengeance Tokens to receive 15 experience points.
  • Activate a special ability gained by having a high Rank in certain Skills.

Vengeance Tokens are stored in a reserve that the party all shares and draws from equally. They are powerful, and should be used wisely, but there is no maximum or minimum to how many may be held in reserve at any one time. Vengeance Tokens may be earned in three separate ways.

  • Truly exemplary roleplaying. This is very difficult to do, and requires the player to do a masterful job of playing in-character for an extended enough period of time as to impress the ST. This will earn the party at least one Vengeance Token, depending on the degree and length of the roleplaying in question.
  • Making a contribution to the Wiki or Adventure Log that is at least two full paragraphs in length. This will earn the party one Vengeance Token, or two if the contribution is particularly long or impressive.
  • A character voluntarily making their VICE relevant to the scene at hand. Doing so will earn the party one, two, or three Vengeance Tokens, depending on the intensity and importance of the scene in question.

Vengeance Tokens

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