Welcome to Vulcanica

Throughout nearly all of its history, Vulcanica has known war and strife. There have been brief moments where peace and prosperity reigned supreme, but those times have passed. Today, Vulcanica exists as a war-torn continent, devastated by conflict. The few places on her surface left yet unscarred are either heavily protected, or yet unexplored and unexploited.

Below, each of the regions of Vulcanica will be described in brief detail. Following each of the descriptions, there is a bullet list of the major landmarks and points of interest in that region—including large cities, which will be italicized (minor cities and landmarks will not be included). For regions beyond Vulcanica’s borders, be sure to visit the Beyond page. For descriptions of the people, nations, and organizations in each of the regions, visit the Factions page.


Few areas of Vulcanica have changed hands as frequently—or seen as much conflict and strife—as the plains of Anse. Though the area doesn’t have many natural resources per se, its naturally fertile ground is easily farmed, and is indeed responsible for much of the coin in Angrad’s coffers.

  • Crossing
  • Dragonwake
  • Lake Bel


  • Grakhos Rho


  • Mooring
  • The Eyrewood
  • Safeport

Dawn’s Pass

  • New Turath


  • Gora Vulaan
  • Gora Vulann


  • Iron Landing
  • The Ironforge (inside Tuari)
  • Tuari

The Fire

  • Badonia
  • Badon Hill
  • Eos
  • Ruins of Fury

Five Finger Bay

  • Aurora

Gulf of Sonise

  • Solmar Isles
  • Testudo

The Hinterlands

  • Dead Man’s Drink
  • Lake of Tears
  • Spite
  • T’Zin

Iron Hills

  • Shadow’s Fall


  • Lankhmar
  • Trada


  • Ur’Zan

Menhir Peninsula

  • Rungholt
  • Söderland


  • Giant’s Rest
  • Skjar


  • Feasting
  • Northwatch

The Pale

  • Blassen Thron
  • The Pale Throne (inside Blassen Thron)

Raven’s Pass

  • Adversary
  • Blackfeather

Raven’s Rest

  • Trieste

The Reach

  • Haven
  • Overlook

The Spine


  • Tagliari


  • Aztlan
  • Ixkun
  • Ur’Zun


  • Westwater

Vale Tenebrous

  • Utica


  • Cliffport
  • Warden’s Rest

Valley of the Damned

  • Seshik’s Folly

Valley of the Giants

  • Andar
  • Brokensword
  • Ibygya
  • Krim
  • Rhen
  • Station


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